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Hey Everyone,

2011 N55 E70 100k miles.

For those of you familiar with the PCV valve of doom,, I'd like some advice.

I was getting some major howling from my rear main seal about a year ago, this is my car:

About 2 months ago the noise came back and wouldn't go away. I checked the PCV valve by connecting a hose and watching oil being drawn consistently through it. I did the hack job where I dremmeled off the PCV and replaced. The noise went a way for a couple months.

Tonight it came back. I tested the PCV again with the hose oil method and it isn't sucking oil into itself.

I am guessing my rear main is shot. I am decent at DIY's but I don't know if I want to pull the transmission on jack stands, I will most likely pay for it.

Do you guys think I should attempt the PCV valve replacement again, do a DIY valve cover, or just take it in to a professional indy shop? I have maintenance records that the valve cover was replaced around 40k miles by a dealership, it doesn't seem to be leaking any oil.

Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.
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