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Rear Subframe Bushing Tool

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In need to rent a e39 subframe bushing tool for my 528iT. Any good leads or anyone here have one available? Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
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At EACeuroparts we rent out the bushing tool. Instead of replacing your bushings with OEM units that will just leak their fluid again, install new HD Meyle bushings. They are an optimized full rubber mount with a larger bonding surface.
rented the 'tool' last week from John, and had my indy replace the bushings. I just don't have the time / area to complete this job. Clunk is gone, and no squeaking from sliding cargo tray any more. Feels very solid again. BTW, check your transmission mounts as well - while you;re there.

John - I shipped it back Friday afternoon, so you should see it soon, if not already. Thanks again :thumbup:
I just bought lemfoerder bushings but havent installed. Do you know if the sedan are fluid filled?
Typing /subframe F3 in the bestlinks nets this, which may be useful:
- How to make your own BMW subframe & differential bushings tool (1)

Also netted these:
- How to do a complete overhaul of your E39 rear suspension (0) (1) (2) (3) (4) or just the rear subframe axle bushings (1) (2) or the rear upper control arm (1) or the rear shocks (1) & springs (1) & cv boots (1) & M5 sway bars (1) (2) with special tools for rear ball joint removal (1) & where to buy a rear ball joint press (1) (2)
John, I'm on your waiting list already :) Just seeing if anyone had one right now as I can't drive the wagon because it's so bad.
Haven't see any activity on rental lists lately.

I'm wondering which tool is the best to buy?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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