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Rear View Mirror Problem

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Two days ago I accidentally bumped the rear view mirror off the windshield of my 98 528i ......completely, button and all and left it hanging from the wires. I disconnected the the wiring and waited until I picked up a good mirror adhesive from the auto parts store. With all the enthusiasm I could muster I dove into the challenge of putting "Humpty Dumpty Mirror" back together again. Little did I realize that the button attached to the mirror assembly was more than I bargained for. How to get it off was the question. After searching through 10 pages of a search for this problem I found detailed instructions from "The Hack" who described the process wonderfully. Not having experience at this I found myself being nervous about tampering with this sophisticated electronic mirror and decided to have a professional do it at the BMW Service Center here in the Phoenix area. After explaining the dilemma to my wife she suggested that maybe a windshield replacement service might know how to do it. Well to me that made pretty good sense knowing that at the very least it would save a 35 mile trip across Phoenix, leaving it over night and getting back to get it, not to mention a minimum $90.00/hour service rate. Being the good wife that she is, she called around and not only found someone but called and got the info for me. She called me back and said to give them a call and he would come out and take a look. Well inside of 45 minutes from telling my wife of the problem, I had a service repair truck come to my office stick the mirror back on and and was done with the COMPLETE job in less than 20 minutes. That includes dry time. His charge?............$35.00. So the next time someone has this problem, please consider an alternative, a windshield repair service.
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... or. listen to your wife. BTW, she deserves, at very least, a good meal at a nice restaurant, and perhaps more ...

Windshield shop makes a lot of sense, anf their overhead is MUCH lower thatn the dealer!
yep.true this.had the misfortune of having my previous e34 rear view mirror knocked off pretty much the same way and was reglued in a jiff by the windshield shop with little money.they have the correct adhesive to use at all times with them:)
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