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Rear Window upper heating elements

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Hi all,
The elements that are outside the sweep of the rear wiper blade are not heating up and defogging my rear window. I have booked a service appointment to hopefully correct this issue, but in performing a search in these very forums, I have come across a few posts implying that the outer elements are actually the radio antennae, and not heating elements. Could some kind soul from a cold region clarify whether all his or her rear window is being defogged, or just the area within the wiper blade's sweep?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not in a cold climate (California)...but I have used the rear defroster once just to defog the rear window. Only the area in the wiper sweep cleared quickly. So yeah, the rest of what you see on the window is the antennae.

I could see how that might be an issue in different climates!
Thanks for the info. It's certainly a shame that you don't get all the window defrosted, but some is better than none! (I guess I'm just a half-full person today....)
I was really disappointed that the entire window is not part of the defroster! I have never had a car where just this little bit is covered......
Here's some info that might help.


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Stone, that is very helpful! Thank you.:)
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