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Receipt of BMW Online Messages

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I have a new 228I with the technology package. Everything works in the technology package, maps, real time traffic, news, the stock market (sorry that works), and can send maps to my email address. Also, I can beep the horn and flash the lights.

What does not work and never has is it will not receive messages from the BMW app, Google maps, or the BMW concierge service. The BMW dealer has checked it and there is no car issues at all. BMW Genius has told me they have written a ticket but the IT back end has not looked at it yet.

Does anyone have the same problem? It is very frustrating since the dealer can't really help and BMW Genius seems to only be a ticket writer. BWM IT has dropped the ball as far as I can tell. I am hoping it is something I did but I have tried different cell phones and different computers.

How the heck do I get the message system to work? Or should I wait forever to BMW IT to look at the issue?:dunno:
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Yeah, mine recently stopped receiving Google Maps addresses after working fine for a month or so. Hasn't been high enough on my list for me to do much looking into it, though.
Yeah, mine recently stopped receiving Google Maps addresses after working fine for a month or so. Hasn't been high enough on my list for me to do much looking into it, though.
+1. Having same issue with messages, but to busy to spend time troubleshooting it.
I'll echo prior posts. Was receiving addresses from Google Maps fine for about 4 months, then it stopped. Like the others, it has not been a high enough priority to call the "geniuses" at BMW to try to figure it out.
I never used Google Maps addresses for sending destinations/routes to my car, but I'm using a similar ConnetedDrive service and it works perfectly.
Does anyone have the same problem?
Have exactly same problem. I was blaming it incomplete pre-sale configuration due to ED. But apparently it is not limited to ED cars. ;-(

BMW Geniuses are looking into it for me for the last three weeks. I am getting a call from them every week, they are curios if it started to work. ;-)
I experienced the same problem with Google Maps from the first day I picked the car up - which is a little over a month ago now.

I did the run around with the 'Genius' folks repeatedly, getting different answers each time. Finally they logged a ticket with their technical folks and they now call me back each week to tell me they don't have a resolution yet.

Not a huge problem, but certainly a waste of time and missing a feature I would really use.

The wait continues
Wonder if there is something endemic going on....? :dunno:
Fellow 228I Owners
BMW Genius told me a fix has been issued on Sept 18 that I plan to have installed in the car next week. They call it a service instruction. BMW Genius called the dealer and gave them the details.
I will let you know if it works.
Yes, please let us know if it works. The technical folks have simply stopped calling me anymore at all. Argh......
I just use the connected drive app then click the send to the car. It is the same app where you can honk the horn, start the AC, or remote lock the car.
Team BMW,

Just got my car back and the messaging is FIXED. It was a software error in the Head unit High. The Fix is SI B84 05 15 dated September 2015.
The units that this applies to are; F22, F23, F30, F31, F32, F33, F34, F36 that have option SA0609 Navigation Professional.

The correction is to hook the car up to the computer and reload patch.

I now receive messages like goggle maps
Thank you so much for that info. Time to schedule an appointment asap.
Let me know if you are successful!
I took the car in yesterday morning and gave them a printout of your posting. It took them a couple of hours to get it all done, but it the patch was loaded successfully.

Last evening I was able to send over a dozen locations to my nav system via Google Maps.

For me, this was one feature I really will use - I am very directionally challenged. When it didn't work I was pretty disappointed.

Thanks for posting this Osagearboretum, I am in your debt!
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