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Bill 330i said:
It seems like they will be more expensive than Maximillian Imports. For the 02 sedans you need the outer and inner light housings for the back. At evosport that would be $380 just for the rear lights. With Maximillian the group buy was $399 for the complete set, including sides and fronts. Individual purchase was $425. And they are OEM. It seems like they would be a better buy.

From evosport:
325i, Xi, 330i, Xi (4dr only)
2002 on bmw-e46ct5 White/Red Tail Light Assembly - Outer Corner $275/pair
325i, Xi, 330i, Xi (4dr only)
2002 on bmw-e46ct6 White/Red Tail Light Assembly - Inner/Trunk $105/pair
How hard is is to install these?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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