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recent engine change

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Hey guys,
I have justdone my m40 to m44 conversion but the coil pack came with no box so have no idea which plug to which coil ordoes this matter or should the ecu sort it to the 13 42. Sequence :dunno:
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not familiar with the m40, other than it apparently is the single cam version like an m10, but with a better flowing cylinder head.

pics would help sort this out, but iirc, the m44 is distributorless, while the m40 has a distributor at the front of the cam. two completely different animals.

i'm not sure if there is a way to get the ignition system to work without a wiring diagram and dme upgrade. :dunno:

this would be because there is more than 1 coil involved, and no way to differentiate between the coil packs with the m40 wiring.

Ive done the complete loom change so its a little annoying that im having alittle trouble
ok, if the proper loom (wiring harness for us yanks) is being used, then i do not understand the question.

are you talking about the firing order for the ignition wires?? :dunno:

if so, then yes, the correct firing order is 1342. however, the coil towers for 1 & 4, 2 & 3, are sistered, so they will spark simultaneously, resulting in a 'wasted spark' on the non firing cylinder (which is on an exhaust stroke), if you have that sort of ignition system.

my google searches show me lots of stuff, so i am simply going to post it here for clarity.

i have 3 ignition systems, the one is a 'squarish' coil pack, the other a longer 'row' of coils in a pack. and finaly a coil over ignition.

i think this should help.

found an extra diagram of the m42 also, so i thought that would add it as well.



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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