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recommendations for bug remover?

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I just picked up my orient blue 330ci last week but I have been following the forum for quite awhile.

I recently drove through Minnesota and left with a ton of bug guts splattered across the front of my car.

Any recommendations for bug remover products? Also, should I use any special type of applicator/towel/mitt to apply the bug remover? The thought of letting bug guts sit on my car's paint is giving me nightmares...

On a side note, does anyone have any recommendations for dealing with bird droppings?

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They key to both is to get them off ASAP. For bugs, I'd be careful about using any of those mesh covered sponges (especially with a darker color). I have one but only use it lightly on the bumper in worst case. Others have noted using Goo Gone or similiar products for bad cases.

As for the bird dropping, I carry an emergency kit (detail spray and two towels) to get it off before it dries. If it is dry make sure to resaturate it prior to trying to remove it. If acid etching occurs, try some paint cleaner or fine polish and then rewax. Alee from this forum has his own special techniques, so if yourun in to a major problem you may want to ask him:)
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