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recommendations for coolant

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Any tips of suggestions for brand/type of coolant? Just got a message on my '02 525iT to check coolant level. Anything else to be concerned about?
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You have a much bigger problem waiting for you.
I understand that you did some sort of cooling overhaul in the past, so:

1. Check for coolant leak.

2. Review your cooling system service records.

3. Coolant Brand:
The die-hard enthusiasts here will tell you to buy BMW coolant.

I have been using Green Prestone ($16) for 20 years all all of my cars, zero problems.
Actually if you buy the "Advance Autoparts" brand, it is made by Prestone and is about $12/each gallon for the concentrated type.
Walmart also carries Prestone.
I chuckled a bit that you are from Zionsville and asked a question regarding cooling.
I'll check my level and add some as needed. The light went off and hasn't come back on even before adding coolant. I know Zionsville Autosport. May give them a call. You think this is a big problem?
- Coolant, for engine, automatic transmission, power steering, and AC evaporator cooling (1) & bleeding (1) (2) (3) or refilling DIYs (1)

For example:
Any tips of suggestions for brand/type of coolant?
E39 Engine coolant: phosphate free (for Europe's high-mineral-content water), amine & nitrite/nitrate free (for USA long-life requirements), & low-silicate or silicate free (for Japan requirements) 50:50 mixture of ethylene glycol & water (the Bentleys say distilled water (Bentley 020-11), aka de-mineralized or de-ionized water, some call it purified water, and the BMW AG TIS 12.11.2007 18:56 specifies water with a pH from 6.5 to 8.0, maximum total hardness of 3.6 mmol Ca++/liter, maximum chloride content 100 mg/liter, and maximum sulphate content 100mg/liter; interestingly the BMW TIS says "potable tap water usually fulfills these requirements". EPA reports show San Jose & NYC tap water easily fulfill these requirements. The BMW TIS expressly states additives are not helpful and are not recommended. BMW lists a score of recommended coolants in their BMW AG TIS 12.11.2007 18:55 which meet the BMW N 600 69.0 standard, some of which are BMW PN: 1.5-liter; BMW PN: 1 gallon; Castrol Anti-Freeze NF; BASF Glysantin Protect Plus G48, & Havoline AFC (BD04); but most of which are not easily found in the USA. Many Bimmerfesters recommend BMW coolant; however other Bimmerfesters recommend Prestone Extended Life 5/150, Valvoline Zerex G-05, and Service Pro Universal Formula. Others (e.g., chiefwej, aioros), have tested Evans NPG+ but be aware propanol entails a different maintenance philosophy than the aqueous fluids listed above and is not compatible with them. [Total Volume: 1997 I6=10.5 quarts (2.6 gallons), 1997 V8=12.0 quarts (3.0 gallons), 1998-2002 I6=11.1 quarts (2.8 gallons), 1998-2002 V8=12.7 quarts (3.2 gallons), 1997-2002 V8 with latent heater=13.5 quarts (3.4 gallons)]. Prestone says the only reason for phosphate free is the extremely high mineral content of water in Europe - and that in the USA, it's not needed. Replacement Interval: Every three years (Bentley page 020-9) or every four years (aforementioned BMW AG TIS) starting from date of manufacture (except for M-Power vehicles which have 3-year intervals). Note: Mixing BMW-recommended coolant brands is permissible; but mixing types is not permissible unless it's an emergency.
the main requirement is phosphate free but thats really only an issue with the water in europe not the US.
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