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Regarding my 2009 335d

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Every so often, I remove the engine shroud on my 2009 335d and check if all is OK,
even though the dealer says it all looks OK.
I saw some oil leak which was being dripping on the floor and was falling on the
shroud. Also, my headlights could not be adjusted where I went over a small pothole
during a rain storm.
So, anyways, they found the oil leak, part is ordered from Germany.
Dealer is also installing new headlights.
My warranty runs out August 2013.
Had I not taken the shroud out, wonder how long it would have gone unoticed.
They are also waiting for a new update supposedly to fix the mpg issue.
So, I have a loaner 2012 535i, and will take like another 10 days.
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Give us road test + review?
So, I have a loaner 2012 535i, and will take like another 10 days.
Loaner 2012 535i

It has lotce and lots of power, lots of room. I like the styling.
Handles real well, has 3 modes sport, comfort and econo pro.
It has also has something called Auto H, where when activated, and you
come to a stop, you can take your foot off the brake, and the car is still in drive
and just give gas when you are ready to go.
It has the feature where the engine shuts off when you come to a stop.
It has also the lane changer, have not figured out that one yet.
Has very bright chrome halo lights.
I think it is too big for me.
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