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Registration Dilemna

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Hi all. I've been lurking in the background watching various posts whilst i wait for my new F10 MSport 520D to arrive here in the UK. I havent posted as i havent had anything majorly constructive to add, and nothing major ive wanted to ask...until now.

I know that a good deal of members here are US and that your car registration system doesnt work quite the same as ours here so not sure the dilemma will translate but will give it a go.

Our number (licence) plates first two digits indicate the period that that vehicle is registered for the first time in. i.e. 12 for 1 May 12 - 31 Aug 12. and then 62 for 1 Sept 12 - 31 Apr 2013. These registrations effect the value of the vehicle as they are used to judge the age of the vehicle rather than the construction date. Also - its always nice to have a "brand new" car on a new plate.

My issue is this. I had a little bit of a prang in my current car which has rendered it unavailable for general use meaning that its much more difficult for me to get about, but not impossible. Basically - i am using it to commute, but not nothing aside from that. And the ride is not quite right... I am also worried that as there is some visual damage to the car (though nothing I consider unsafe) that the police may take exception and find something wrong with it....

Having heard from my dealer this morning, they are expecting that i can pick it up on 25 August which is exactly 1 week before the new reg.

I am trying to work out if it is worth the wait - what do you guys think?