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Release seat belt retractor?

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Does anyone know how to release the seat belt retractor? It is disconnected from its normal location and the belt is rolled up on it nicely. I need pull the belt out in order to get enough slack to remount it, but there doesn't seem to be any way to overcome the little bar (lock) that catches the teeth on the side of the roller. I assume there is some trick to this, but I can't figure it out.
Thanks, HNick
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Part 2

Hi All,
Since no one responded, I figured no one had actually done this and I was on my own. I've posted the following in case some one else has to do the same thing.

Looking at the retractor, it's essentially a reel with some sort of mechanism on one side. There is a black cover over the mechanism. It's held on with plastic lugs that are melted (UV maybe?) in place. With a jewelers screwdriver, I carefully pried the cover off. Underneath is one of the stranger contraptions I've ever dealt with. There is a black nylon cog that rides on a white nylon escapement (much like an old clock), a ball bearing (about 1/4 inch or so in diameter) in a white nylon cage, and a metal disc on the axis of the reel that somehow releases the belt. By lifting the cog, I was able to let out enough slack in the belt to solve my problem. The cover can be pressed back in place with some fiddling. After re-assembly, everything works fine.
Good luck, HNick
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