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Removed visor stickers

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I removed the ugly stickers from my visor. Pretty easy to do and I like the looks much better.

Note: If you like the warning labels fantastic! I wanted to remove them. Thanks for your concern for my safety and my passengers. Keep your reprimands to yourself :D

Here is a pic with one on and one off
Windshield Vehicle Car Glass Automotive exterior

I simply soaked the decal with rubbing alcohol for a few minutes:
Auto part

It peeled off. Not all of it was as easy as the image suggests but it does all come off cleanly:
Hand Finger Nail Thumb Play

Final Result:
Windshield Vehicle Car Glass Automotive window part

You can still tell where the decal was when the light hits it just right but nothing you notice unless you are looking for it.
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Looks good. I was going to take mine off next weekend but i was planning on using a heat gun to warm it up then peel. Soaking it in alcohol seems to be a better idea and a little safer with no melting issues.
The heat gun would scare me for sure. The alcohol seemed to have no negative effects on the vinyl.
I deleted the annoying warning msg in iDrive when you start the car. That was number one on my list after a got a PC with NCS Expert and had access to the menu.
Mine too! Very first thing I ever coded. :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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