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I just bought an 07 328i convertible. One of the cosmetic repairs I made was to the tambor cover on the rear seat storage compartment. I was lucky, and what I did worked, so I thought I'd share, just in case others have had the same issue. My apologies if I've duplicated anything. I couldn't find any threads when I looked. Granted this is about cosmetics, but it was irritating. Now it isn't.
The storage compartment will pull out of the seat. Take out the center armrest (pull down, then pull up off the shaft). Pull up on the front of the tray and it will pop out. It has 4 spring clips. Once the clips are out, push back slightly to release the tabs in the back. Once out, turn the unit over and remove the 4 torx screws. The top will come off and you can remove all of the cover pieces. Mine was in about 20 pieces from single strips to groups of 4 or 5. Keep the pieces in order of removal. This will keep the proper appearance when you're done.
Lay out the pieces on a smooth surface (I used a calendar desk blotter). My wife had reminded me that tambor doors usually had fabric backing, so I was going to use a piece of lightweight denim, but I needed to figure out what adhesive to use. That's when good ol' duct tape came to mind. I laid out a strip that was longer than the cover, then carefully placed the pieces in line, keeping them tight to each other before pressing into the tape. Make sure you leave the top and bottom guide taps off the tape. The tape only goes on the solid part that will slide in the center of the tray. Keep everything in line. When finished with the one side, flip over, rip off another piece of tape and attach to the bottom part of the cover, again keeping the tabs free from the tape. Keep the pieces tight to one another as you press the tape in place. When the top and bottom are finished, put one more piece in the center, then use your fingernail or something that will help press the tape into place in all the groves, etc. When finished, put the cover back onto the guide on the tray, reassemble the top and install in the rear seat. You will need to slide the rear tabs under the upholstery first, then lower the tray and press into place. Fiddle with it a bit and you'll see what I mean. Snap the tray back into place and your cover will slide and look good. I honestly don't know how long the reinforced duct tape will last. My cover will get little to no usage, so I expect it to work for a long time. Hopefully I've helped with a nagging little nitpicky thing. The forum has helped me with a lot in the past, so just returning the favor when I can.
Scott 97 328ci, 07 328i
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