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Replace Xenon DIY 2007 335i E92

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I couldn't find a DIY to replace my driver's side Xenon. Here's what I did:
  1. Jack car using standard floor jack & adapter
  2. Pull E brake & block wheels
  3. Remove wheel
  4. Place support under frame in case of jack failure
  5. Remove all screws on forward wheel cowling using 8mm & 10mm for single nut
  6. Remove 6 screws under front bumper
  7. Unplug fog light
  8. Set cowling aside
  9. Remove (T20) torx screws on lamp housing cover
  10. Remove wiring harness by gently working free
  11. Unclip D1S lamp by squeezing bottom of wire clip together (Note, the loops on the clip are not through the bracket; the bracket is open allowing the clips to be squeezed together)
  12. Remove lamp
  13. Replace with new lamp
  14. Replace clip putting top in first
  15. Plug harness back in
  16. Replace housing cover