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F10 535 ix 2015
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Hello everyone.
Sorry for the language but I'm using a translator.
I activated High Beam Assist HBS in my car 535ix (2014, I-level 2016). Everything works in automatic mode.
I wanted to replace the SZL with one with the Auto button from the HBS lights.
I searched the BMW catalog for the right numbers that matched my car. I ordered a used SZL from 2009.
I installed the used SZL, did the programming, detected the CAFD, loaded it. In esys, everything with SZL is black already, no errors.
The problem is that on the original SZL there was a memory of the steering wheel heating, when the steering wheel heating was turned on, the message appeared on the display - steering wheel heating was turned on, in the NBT Next menu it was possible to turn on or adjust the vibration of the steering wheel.
This is not present on the used SZL.
The first photo of the current used SZL. The second photo is the original SZL connected for a test after finding a problem with the used SZL - it still works well.
Thanks for the help.
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