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Need some help here. I am new to DIY with BMW.

I have a 2011 528i M-Sport package.

Trying to replace my Fog light bulbs to 7500k. Ive been reading mixed things about which bulb size to use H8 or H11, help here would be nice.

Additionally, i removed the grill and 2 screwed holding in the fog light but cant seem to pull the light all the way out to get to the back of the light so I can change the bulb, am i doing something wrong here?

Lastly, also trying to replace my high and low beam ugly halogen lights (H7) with a more whiter bulbs. I get to the bulbs but i cant seem to figure out how to actually remove the bulb from the wiring so i can replace with the new one.

Thanks in advance for the help folks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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