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Hi everyone - recently got "increased battery discharge" error on iDrive and the following codes:
  • A559 (Klemme30g_f_abschaltung)
  • 9FEB (E60/MFS: button hangs)
  • 2DEC (power management, battery monitoring)
  • 2DED (power management, closed circuit supervision)
  • 2E8B, (IBS signal)
  • 2E8D (IBS transmission)
  • 2E8C (IBS, function)
  • A557 (debug info station wagon???)
Battery was almost totally pooched, but car started fine (fortunately). The only new thing I had done since the last drive was install an LED in the trunk for its light, but I confirmed it was shutting off when I closed the trunk, and even if it wasn't, I can't see how an LED would cause such issues(?) - have since removed it for now.

Went for a drive, cleared codes, and put it on a charger for a bit. The next day I checked, and only the first 2 stayed, along with
  • 93AB (MPM relay on)
So it seems like either the IBS sensor is toast, or the KGM is, and I'm leaning towards the latter considering the 93AB has come back again after clearing, whereas the IBS errors have not.

I see KGMs are inexpensive on eBay, but as I understand I'd need to code it to my VIN. I have downloaded the laundry list of BMW tools and have a K+DCAN cable, but have never actually attempted to use em since I have BimmerLink/Code which are much easier to use with a bluetooth dongle -

My question is, if I want to throw $50 at a used KGM, what's needed to program the used guy? I have seen lots of warnings about coding using NCS/&c without using a voltage stabilizer (not even just a charger?!) and so am worried in trying to save a few bucks I might fry something expensive in the car.

Thanks for your thoughts!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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