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Replacing serpentine belt 540i

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I took my 1998 540i in to get a AC system recharge and they told me my serpentine belt is cracked. I haven't actually seen this myself(the top of the belt looks fine but i know the cracks would be on the underside) but it hasn't been replaced in a long time as far as i know and my car has 144768 miles on it so i am going to by a new one and replace it regardless of how damaged if any the belt really is.

I've searched this website, youtube, and google and i can't find a reliable source or direct do it yourself link that refers to my actual make/model and if anyone could give me directions and the special tool and part numbers i would greatly appreciate it.

I've replaced several other parts under the hood and its been a while since. This is the one i am actually having trouble learning about!

Any help i would appreciate it, i work for the Air Force and I'm very busy most of the week so anything to get me going on this project would be amazing.

Thanks in advance,
Jameson Pate
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Since you're new here, you may not know of the wonderful resources at hand on this forum if you know where to look.

Click on my links in my signature to find many DIY write-ups and questions.
You will have to loosen the tensioner that is located towards the top of the belt on the right side of the engine block. Once that is done the belt come off easily. Best way I did ur was to have a friend hold the wrench on the tensioner while I slipped the belt off


Luckily for you, this is one of the easiest things to replace on these cars, haha. I figured out how to do it without a guide or much prior knowledge of cars.
i actually wrote the diy on this

i see you found it on the other site so i will respond to your other question there
Oh and dont forget the rad and hoses
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