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Any idea where I might be able to get one of those Dynavin radios here in California? :angel:
For those who asked about the Dynavin:

I had the Version 4 unit and liked it. They now have the V5 out and it has come with fixes to some of the initial draw backs and is a very, very good unit if you are considering going that general direction.

Here is a thread that will give a lot of info/pictures/videos about the unit and V5 specifically:

Jeff is an amazing old school business man who owns an audio shop in Fresno, CA and he is the only one I would recommend purchasing from, a truely legit person. Here is a link to his website (to order/get info):

The Dynavin doesn't require any modifications to the HVAC vents like most/all other double din units, it is very easy to install since it is all plug-n-play with the stock harness, it utilizes the factory steering wheel controls and offers a lot of the options one would want (iPhone/iPhod hookup that charges the device, seperate AUX, bluetooth, NAV, Dvd player, etc).
21 - 21 of 21 Posts