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Is it time for you to replace the TPMS sensors in your 2007 (for example) BMW X3 (E83) and you are wondering how much is it going to cost you in a BMW dealership/service?

Guess what? I had mine replaced in Sam's Club. Only $20 for all 4.

In case you have access to a tire machine and you are a bit enthusiastic about it, you can easily do it yourself, like show here:
(Yeah, I know it is not a good thing to cite other web sites and forums, but the link below has a nice post with pictures.)

It is also important from where you are buying the sensors. I bought mine from "Bavarian Autosport" online store. Tirerack also has them, but you need to select the right wheel type.

However... NOTE: If your 2007 BMW is with its 17" original rims, it is a good idea to verify if the sensors you are buying and especially the sets with the stems fit your vehicles' rims. I had a little problem with mine. The stems, which came with the set I bought were having larger gap between the bottom position of the screw and the rim itself. So, I ended up using the old stems and stem aluminum tops with the new back screws and the new sensors. Worked like a charm.

The original sensors on my rims were BERU, but I bought Huf form Bavauto and this almost cost me RMS, etc. You can play with options, but you will have only as many combinations to play with.

Total cost of my adventure was less than $300:

4x Huf TPMS sensors - $244
Replacement (Sam's Club tire shop): $21.35 (including tax)
Total: $265.35

In case you have a tire machine and you would like to change them yourself (pretty easy to do, trust me), have in mind that to mount them you will need a precision torque wrench and read the manual for your sensors as to what torque do you need to set up the wrench to, so you don't strip the screws (some come with a plastic stem tops).
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