Of all the many that could go wrong during BMW's record-setting 232.5 mile M5 drift, it was obviously going to be something dumb that nearly ruined everything.

And as luck would have it, of all the many dangerous and difficult things that had to happen for BMW's drift to go to plan, it was the Bluetooth that nearly derailed the whole project.

According to Johan Schwartz, the driver who set the record, as he and the refueling M5 were readying to refuel his phone decoupled from the car, causing him to lose comms with the other M5.

Luckily, BMW had been clever enough to consider this possibility, so they fitted the cars with walkie talkies. The only issue being that drifting tends to be a two-handed job, especially when the life of the man refueling actually refueling the cars depends on exact precision.

The two drivers hatched a plan to use their phones, but on the speaker setting to complete the refueling. This worked well enough until, again, the phone mysteriously disconnected.
As a result, not only was Schwartz setting a drifting record, but also doing the job of an IT department.

Fortunately, as we all know, it all worked out. The M5 got its fuel, Schwartz drifted for the full 8 hours, without stopping, and the record was set.
But it just goes to prove Murphy's Law. If something can go wrong, it will.

For a full accounting of all the other hurdles that BMW had to jump over to accomplish this record, watch this behind-the-scenes video below.