Faced with tightening emissions laws, BMW is said to be pulling the plug on the M760Li xDrive next year.

According to a report from BMWBlog, which cites a nameless source, the M760Li's V12 is the big issue and won't return when the 7 Series gets a facelift next year.

BMWBlog points to EU regulations as the cause of the V12's demise. To abide by the EU's new emission rules, most cars will need a particulate filter, just like on a diesel. The report, though, suggests that for the V12, a simple particulate filter won't suffice.

It should be noted, though, that BMWBlog has been fairly pessimistic as of late, leading the site to report that production of the M3 would cease until the new model launches in a few years. That report was then debunked by a BMW spokesperson.

So a grain of salt is the recommended pairing to this report.

[source: BMWBlog]