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Requirements for Auto Windshield Wipers

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Hey guys,

I have a 2003 330i without the autodimming mirror and no auto wipers. Now I've read in past posts that people have added that mirror/sensor to their car and get the right type of windshield or filters and the car is prewired to make it all work. Is that correct? Because I am in due soon....not right away...but one day soon to replace my aging windshield ($100 insurance deductible) and if all it takes is to buy the right mirror and get the correct windshield, then I'd be happy! So what can I do to make this happen? Or will the costs be too crazy to warrant these two luxury items?
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The rain sensor is not part of the mirror itself... it is a box that is attached to the windshield behind the mirror cover. Not sure how the wiring works. I just had my mirror off to send it to Sybesma's for autodim repair and didn't pay close attention to the wiring from the rain sensor.
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