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Resetting issues

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So I had the abs 4x4 light come on for me about a week ago. I took it in to get it fixed by a local shop and It ended up being a wheel bearing. Which made it melfunction making the light come. The shop replaced the rear wheel bearings but was unsure on how to reset it. Any ideas on how I would reset it ?


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It should be self clearing I think

When I dissconnected the battery on mine I got a 4x4 error but it went away when
I drove a little . Why didn't the shop reset it if needed shouldn't that have been part
of there repair.
the dsc/abs/xdrive system does a self test at ~20mph
if the issue is resolved, the light will go out after it does the self test. if not, you probably still have an issue
Any idea what that issue might be ?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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