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Restarting the engine without a key

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On my 2012 e91, I discovered that I roughly have 1 minute to restart the engine once I remove the key - could be useful when using valet parking - is that normal behavior (I have a normal key FOB I need to insert below the start/stop button) - only pain is that the radio stays on when stopping the engine...
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Yes it is normal to do that. Its actually cool when its really cold or really hot so you can take your key with you and lock the door whil the car is running.
Normal behavior? Yes, and very handy at times, though I wish I could find a way to avoid shutting off and restarting the engine just to remove the fob.

After shutting the engine off, yes, the radio will stay on. Just press the Start/Stop button once more to finish the job.

Oh, and not sure I'd use it for a valet if you have a MT. With my luck, at least, I'd probably get a valet who's not overly accomplished with a stick shift and have to retrieve my car from the middle of a nearby intersection.
Well.......that isnt something that you can use with valet. Once they shut the car off, they will need the key to restart the car again when they retrieve it. Ultimately, they will need the key anyway.
I tried it myself and indeed the car starts without the keyfob. Has this feature really a function? Seems very unnatural to me...

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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