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I retrofitted the NBT sometime ago and used the FSCMap to make the NBT to OEM (no emulator).

Last months I happen to get hold of a TCB ecu and decided to retrofit it and use BMW Online and the remote services.

Now I had to use an emulator coz I had to get the NBT VIN change to the TCB VIN. This is to use the Online and Remote Services.

I accidentally coded the TCB and this result to the Donor VIN overwritten with the Car VIN. The result was the Online works but the Remote Services does not.

I search for a number of weeks on how to change the VIN back but to no avail. Simple coding using a modified FA does not work. It ends up with an error.

I found a number of posting in other forums with the same problem without a solution. However, I found a solution by trial and error. Heres what I did.

The steps were as follows:
0. Connect to the car using Gateway url method.
1. In Expert Mode, read and edit the FA.
2. Manually change the VINlong in the FA.
3. Save this FA using a unique name like 'TCB only'
4. Goto Comfort Mode and press Tal-Calculating.
5. Load FA using the FA file with the changed VINlong in step 3.
6. Read VCM
7. Save it to SVT-ist.xml
8. In SVT target click on Complete Flash and change the I step (shipmnt) to your car's detail.
9. Click Claculate and once finished save it to SVT-oll.xml
10. Goto Tal and calculate new tal
11. Save svt-tal.xml
12. Goto to Expert Mode and Tal-processing.
13. In tal open the svt-tal.xml
14. In SVt open the svt-oll.xml
15. In FA Enter VIN of the Donor TCB VIN
16. Remove all the ticks to all ECU only tick on the TCB ecu. If you are using Esys 3.31 itll automatically choose the ones thats needed. For other version please read the flashing guide for guidance. Search it in google please.
17. Click on the Option at the top and choose setting.
18. Unclick the 'Update VCM after processing' this will allow the TCB to be flashed without error.
19. Click on Start and watch the tcb be flashed and returnEd to the original donor vin.
20. Once finished go to Coding and inject Cafd file and make sure the FA file is still the unique file you created in step 3.
21. Press Code.

This would now code the TCB1 ECU back to its original VIN and with the required Cafd file.

This would give a new lease of life to your TCB1 ecu that has been coded and the donor VIN written over with the car's VIN. It may be similar for the ATM. Someone with ATM can check it themselves.

Flashing would result to hundreds of errors. Hence, those who are new to flashing and do not know how to remove errors should not do this. I use ISTA to delete all errors.

If anyone decides to do the above, You do it at your own risk.
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