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Retrofit of Ant Tuner (Radio) in E65

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hi there,

meanwhile i was able to flash the Ant-Tuner with Winkfp. I am also able to code my complete car with NCS expert. Furthermore i also know how to use ncs dummy and how to dissamble daten files. The radio (ant tuner) is working i can see the radio stations and i can pick/choose a radio station but i dont get any sound. Sound is working fine for Ipod and tv but not for the radio.

Is there anything else to do after flashing the ecu with winkfp? Complete coding of the car with ncs expert dident changed anything.

Since the old tuner was still working, i also flashed the old tuner with winkfp. Result is the same. No sound after flashing. So i beleive there is something else to do. What is it?

I would be realy happy for a reply/hint on this.

Thanks a lot in advance!

This is the Part. Partnumber 65.20-6976779
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nobody with an idea? I got atip, to change the tuner inst date on ask controller. this worked for my old tuner but not for the new on

thanks for help!
Install your old ANT.Read ZUSB from old ANT.Flash new ANT with old ZUSB and code with NCSexper.
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