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My 325I is kicking my butt and it is winning!

Here is what I have done so far and yes I know that I have made MANY mistakes and now I am trying to fix them all!

I had an oil leak that was coming from my oil pan gasket. After an entire day trying to find the hidden bolts I finally got it removed. During the removal of the oil pump and pin, I broke the 2 little plastic washers on the pin. Then I took the oil level control and instead of unhooking it completely I pushed it up out of the way. Good plan until it fell and hit the terminals on the alternator and sent a steam of smoke to the computer before I could get out from it and get the battery unhooked.

Well after the small fire and me kicking myself for not killing the power because I did not want to have to reset the stupid radio code. I began to do some clean up. First lets get the oil pan back together then mess with the wires.

Thinking that a cork gasket is god but if I use cork and liquid gasket then it is even better, Wrong! After putting everything back together I have a huge oil leak instead of a little drip! So that is a new issue that I will have to revisit later. (Remember the 2 washers not installed)

After I had the oil pan reinstalled I began to separate all of the wires from the brain harness most of were melted and fused together. By doing this I re-ran almost every wire by patching and splicing them back together. Once I had the basics re-wired I gave it the test start to see if it would live! Crank Crank and she fires right up!

All is not a loss I figure. Well now I am back to the original oil drip that is now a good solid leak. I have tried to tighten all of the bolts and no luck. So I am going to get a new gasket and drop then pan and start over on that project.

The question I have from this phase is?
Cork gasket or liquid?
What is the proper tork for the bolts?
What is the name of the silly washers for the pin in the pump and where can I get them.

Now after my electrical fire I also noticed that the battery was not charging since I fried the alternator. Not a problem! Pop a new alternator in and that is set! Easy to install! Yes I unhooked the battery!

The kicker in the oil leak fix is going to be replacing of the wire harness! I purchased a harness and a brain from ebay and I am going to begin to remove and replace the harness and possibly the brain if needed to. I am going to do this before I start the oil pan adventure. In doing so I am going to go super slow and first KILL all power to the car.

My question on this is the brain and harness that I purchased is a 173 brain.
Is this a better than the stock one for the 325I?
Should I use it or stick with what I have.
Do I have to use it since I am using the harness for it?

And finally is there anyone in the Riverside CA area that would like to come over and laugh as I put this back together and lend some solid advice?

So any help would be super!



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Do yourself a favor:

Buy the e30 Bentley manual. This will be your best friend.
Search on all forums: b'fest, bimmerforums, r3vlimited and e30tech. Alot of these problems have been addressed and fixed many times. is a site where you can find the part numbers for your bimmer.

Gasket: order an OEM from your dealer. Do not use liquid gasket.
The 173 ecu is fine, an improvement over the 153. Doesn't matter which one, as long its for an e30, 325i.

Good luck

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