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in_d_haus said:
3615 lbs with 300hp? And they complain about the 3er being too heavy..
It gets worse. Some people here complain about the E46 M3 (333HP engine) being heavy!!! :yikes:

Well, you all know my opinion about the whole "weight" thing... Weight just for the heck of it IS bad. However, if that's what it takes to make stiffer, safer, AND cost effective platforms NOWADAYS (the new A4 Cabrio weighs in @ ~3,800lbs :yikes: ), so be it! To me, BMW's been doing a good job. There are cars out there that weigh less, have bigger engines, and still do NOT perform like BMW's... :thumb:

Again, weight just for the heck of it is bad, but give a "pig" a good suspension, tires, gearing, etc, and weight alone means nothing...

Anyway, coming back to the original topic, at least on paper, the car looks promising. It also means that GM finally woke up and realized that something was very wrong. Their lineup has been uninspiring (at best) for quite some time...
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