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I bought Bimmertech's CarPlay MMI for my wife's 2015 550 GT (F07) but have some major regrets. She already had a navigation system with heads-up display but was supplementing that with Google maps on her iPhone to constantly monitor for traffic delays and update her route.

1. If you have Heads-Up display, this CarPlay MMI will never be your primary navigation tool. These after market MMIs don't support HUD until 2020 models i believe

2. Wireless connectivity has been an issue. It's getting better with every new firmware update but it's still not good enough last time i checked. We're expecting reliable bluetooth connections in our BMWs but I didn't get that with my iPhone8. CarPlay didn't start up properly > 20% of the time. And, since you've unpaired your phone from the car's iDrive, you are reliant on CarPlay. If it doesn't come up, then you don't have a working phone....

3. We could not match volume between MMI apps and Satellite Radio. Phone volume (now thru Carplay MMI) and all MMI apps could be reasonably matched.

4. If you are used to using maps on your phone then you're giving up some basic touch-screen features that are not so easily replicated in the Carplay MMI at this time since it lacks touch-screen. You can zoom and move the map around but it's not as intuitive or convenient as doing it on your phone.

Ultimately, my wife found mounting her iPhone on the dash to be more user-friendly. She's somewhat resistant to change anyway but there were too many challenges to overcome here and not enough benefit...I will be selling it soon....
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