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Saturday, May 18 - BMW Delivery Day!

We were up early for our 10:30am delivery, and on the U-Bahn with all our luggage before 8am. We struggled a little to understand exactly which ticket we needed for the U-Bahn, and ended up over-paying significantly because we bought a full-system ticket rather than the 1-zone or 2-zone ticket that we needed to get to the Welt. We did at least buy the group ticket that allows up to 5 to travel for essentially the cost of 2. Remember to validate your ticket as you head toward the train platform; having an unvalidated ticket can result in a hefty fine.

We arrived at the Welt and checked in. The very friendly receptionist took all our luggage and sent us upstairs ("just follow the red carpet") to the premium lounge for breakfast and a few last bits of paperwork. I took the opportunity to sign Das Buch and drop off the Bimmerfest stickers that Tim had sent me.

Breakfast was a very nice spread of cakes, yogurt, cold cuts, sausages, and pretzels. It was quite delicious! We then walked around the Welt and did a little shopping in the gift shop, including picking up my engraved keychain.

At 10am we met our delivery specialist, Sven. Actually it was about 10:03, since we took a little longer than planned in the gift shop, and the German penchant for timeliness was showing as Sven was more-or-less standing there tapping his foot waiting for us. Oh well, stupid Americans...

Sven took me through a presentation of some of the technical features of the new car, then put me in the driving simulator to demonstrate the effectiveness of traction control and stability control. That was entertaining, but not actually all that useful in my opinion. Finally it was time to head out to the grand staircase, and the lights turned on and the car started spinning on the turntable below us. Wow, that's a good-looking car!

Okay, time to get on the road! A quick lunch in the premium lounge, and we got started to Nuremburg, about a 2-hour drive up autobahn A9. Mostly we cruised between 80 and 90 mph switching between 5th and 6th gears to keep the engine revs varying, but I did sneak in a quick run-up to about 110. Yuck, 110mph bugs all over the car... We checked into our hotel, the Hotel Deutscher Kaiser, which was right on the edge of the Nuremburg pedestrian zone -- a perfect location. There were a few parking spots in a narrow alley behind the hotel, a very nice feature for a city-center hotel.

Hotel Deutscher Kaiser
Königstraße 55
90402 Nuremberg, Germany
+49 911 24266 ext. 0

We spent the afternoon walking the extensive city center in Nuremburg, including the massive Kaiserburg castle. The zentrum area is very lovely, with a lot to see and many charming shops. Best of all, from my daughter's perspective, were the Nürnberg bratwurst stands! My personal favorite was the little boy fixated on the fountain of women streaming water from their nipples.

From the Kaiserburg we spotted a nice looking restaurant right next door to the Albrecht Dürer house, and ate dinner outside in what was to be the last nice day of the trip. Dinner was delicious! Again, our waiter spoke a bit of English, but it was easier and more fun for us to order the meal in German.

Gaststätte Zur Schranke
Beim Tiergärtnertor 3
90403 Nuremberg, Germany
+49 911 225474
Willkommen in Deutschland! :)
Hope you enjoy your whole stay. And, of course congratulations to your wonderful new car!
What will be your next destinations in Germany or Europe? Or left you home already after your visit in Nuremberg?
Oh, let me say one thing: ich bin beeindruckt das Du versucht hast das Essen in deutsch zu bestellen :thumbup:
Best wishes, Markus
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