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There is a ride and drive event sponsored by Cadillac going on around the cities in the US. I went to one in Alameda point last saturday.

the event is organized by Car & Driver and Road & Track magazine. you get to drive 4 cars and they ask your opinion to compare between the Cadillac STS vs 530i and the Cadillac CTS vs the Mercedes C320. They setup a small race track around the parking lot and you get to drive the car (1 lap only!) as fast as you want with a professional driver sitting next to you.

STS and 530i is priced about the same, in the low $50K. STS in my opinion is not worth the money, not even close in handling, performance and everything else compare to the 530i. The only downside with the 530i is the I-drive and most of the professional drivers also have the same opinion on this. it's not intuitive for me, especially when driving and trying to change a radio station. Other than that, it's a fun car to drive.

The CTS however, is a different story. it's also priced about the same as the C320, in the mid $30K. this car handles amazingly well, very responsive, nice brakes, great acceleration. it has a nice black leather interior too.

i think this event is by invitation only, but if you come early, they'll probably let you participate if there is enough space.

the website i signed up was:, but looks like they removed this url. i am not sure which city they are going to go next either, but when i asked one of rep there, they said they are going to tour 14 other cities in the US, between this weekend and thanksgiving.
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