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So I was able to install the following on my 05 645ci with 139k miles on original struts:

Bilstein B4 front and rear
Lesjofor springs front and rear
BMW Spring pads,
Lemforder strut hats front and rear

When I took out the original the original shocks would not compress back up.
They were obviously toast. The front strut hats, the rubber was pushed upwards and cracked. Totally gone. Guess I found the noise I was hearing when I would turn the wheel left or right. The bottom of the right strut top was so far gone the rubber was riding on the coil metal retainer part that sits under the strut top. Now she is noise free.
Now the stance. I always liked the stance of my car but now notice that the front sits a tad higher now. I did not measure the car before servicing her. Now I am measuring 28"from the ground at he front wheel well, midline at the center cap. I've been driving her for a 1 wk now just 6 mi each way to work and back. Hoping the springs will settle.
She is solid, what a difference. Just the front ride height is bothering me.
Best reference is she used to be about 2 fingers wide spacing between the tire and the well, but now she is 3 fingers.
I want to get an alignment but need to know the original oem height at the front wheel well.' Do I buy H&R springs and front B6 suspensions to make it a tad lower??
That's my question.
Can anyone with 19" wheels measure their car for me and tell me the ride height?
Like I said, the strut tops were practically being pushed up and when I did a comparison piv there was about a 1" height difference new to old.
Thanks for your time,

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When the car was new from the factory the 19's are supposed to be 652mm from the bottom middle of the rim flange to the lower edge of the wheel arch, mine however sit at 645mm, this is with the OEM setup with around 95,000 miles on them (I forget the exact mileage).

Edit: Just realised you measured from the ground but this should give you something to go by.
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