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Right rear lights failure/shrt circuit! Signals and positin

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Hello friends
I have a very big problem with my rear right lights, i had a melted connector and my turn signal was not working sometimes and also the brake lights!I have take the rearlight out and when i saw the connector i tried to pull a wire and make the connection back ! Inititaly after taking one wire frm the melted cnnectr and connected directly my turn signal and brake lights where working but not my position light!
I tried to take another wire and fix that also but i think if made a short circuit or something as everything on the right side stopped working
Im getting curent as there is a small flame when i tuch the wire..probaly a short circuit or someting!
Now nothing works anymore... can sombody advise? Checked all the fuses and everything is in order!
Im thinking i maybe burned the Lights relay wich im not even sure where it is
Can anybody help or give an advise?
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