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Rim repairer in the South Bay area ...

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Hi all ...

I was waiting for the time when I went 6 months without scraping my rims against the curb. Well, I BARELY made it over six months, so I wanted to reward myself with getting my curb-rashed rims repaired -- both front-right and rear-right.

I've never done this before, but I understand that this is relatively simple stuff for pros. Can anybody recommend somebody or a shop in the South Bay (San Jose area) that can do this for a reasonable price? And what is a reasonable price? And after they are done, will it be completely undetectable, or perhaps only I will know where the damage was?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I priced wheel repair awhile back for my old Volvo, prices are $150 for light refinish/curb repair and new paint. They will likely paint the whole wheel, just like body shops paint the whole panel after a repair.
Your prices may vary depending on location.
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