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Rims On my 330ci questions???

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hey i was wondering i am leasing a 330ci and i want to put 19" Hamann pg3's on it....should i put them on and leave it at stock height?..or should i put springs...if so wut kind and with springs will it make my ride close to normal.... wut should i do in this situation when i get the rims?? please let me know thnax alot guys yanni
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I would strongly suggest a small size. 19" wheels will only slow your car down. 18" is a good size. If you're leasing it, the best thing to do is to leave it at stock height. If you're willing to take everything you've added off at the end of your lease, then it's fine, but that will cost you.
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ok but what should i do if i get the 18's and want to lower wut should i get??? thanks
yankis69 said:
ok but what should i do if i get the 18's and want to lower wut should i get??? thanks
sounds like u should just leave it stock. :p

and 18's fit perfectly and looks real nice without lowering the car, your car actually will look lowered with the 18's.

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I fooled around with lowering springs on a former car, a VW GTI. If you must lower, then be sure not to use the stock shocks! Be sure to get shocks that are specifically designed for lowering. If you use the stock shocks, they will wear out FAST. I had BOGE shocks, and I thought they would be enough, but they weren't. The ride was very bouncy. So I ended up going back to the stock setup.

There are a number of manufacturers out there that offer the right dampners. Bilstein is probably the best. You might also consider coilovers, but they are big $$$. Bilstein does have a PSS coilover option that you can get for around $1200 I think. Check E46fanatics - they have'em.

As for springs - go Eibach.
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There are mixed feelings about the car with 18s or 19s without some sort of lowering. Some people think it looks fine others would strongly disagree. It is really up to you to decide. The best thing to do is search for some pictures of both options and see what you think. When it comes to modifying anything on your car, I strongly suggest seeing it (preferably in person) before doing it. The PG3s are a great looking wheel but quite pricey too. Here are some pictures/links to help you decide:

Stock Sport w/ 18s Vs. H&R Race Springs w/ 18s

Craig's Car from fanatics w/ PG3s and FK Racing Variant 2 Coilovers

As geomax said, if you just get springs the shocks will wear out faster. Many people still get H&R springs and leave the stock shocks. They'll last for nearly 20k miles but you'll need a new set then or need to upgrade to coilovers. As far as choice of springs, the popular choices are H&R and UUC springs. Like I said, take a look at those two links and see what you think. You are the one that has to live with the choice :thumb:

If you have any questions about wheels or springs, send an email to [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you out!

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I put 18" Hamann HM2 and they do fill the wheels wells more than the stock 17 do. I kept the tire sizes almost identical to stock but the still look better than the 17.

I am running 225/40/18 in the front and 255/35/18 on the rear.

Craigs car looks damn hot, but if he hits an ant, he'll lose everything!! :yikes:
Not true, u can hit an ant and their whole family...

I had 19" Hartge Classics and the difference is not all that much. sure I had to drive carefully like crazy, but then again I should do that in the first place if I am on the road. In fact, i even drove it once in a traffic during a snow storm. i was so worried I was gonna bend them by hitting something due to all the sliding and etc. but I emerged as the winner. 19s look awesome and you will love it. Just have to be careful. The PG3s weight a lot and will slow ur car down, but u have to decide what u want to achieve first. Looks or speed. If looks go with 19s, if performance then stay 17". Of course a compromise is 18". all three sizes will look nice on that car due to it's classic line.

LIL Raja
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I was actually refering to the bodywork. The front dam is so low!
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