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For 3 years I had a 1995 honda prelude S with some nice 17" rims and jdm black was my first car, and i loved it

i was driving on 680 in San Jose a week ago, and my girl noticed white smoke coming from where her feet were. I pulled over right away and the car began filling with smoke, mostly in the cabin but some in the engine bay. I was able to save some things and called the fire department, and within a minute or so flame were licking away at the passengers seat. After another minute the car was engulfed in flames, and finally had a small explosion before the fire department came to put it out

i didn't have full coverage insurance, so the car was a complete loss

There is a silver lining to this incident however. My father left me some money and i was able to buy a black '99 540i automatic. the car only has 67500 miles on it, and i got it way below blue book because of some minor paint chips and dings.

let me just say..oh my ****ing god this car is fast. Not posting this to brag, but rather to share my excitement with the 282 hp 320 ft/lb stock V8, after coming from my first car, the 135 hp prelude :)

some pics for yall of the new thing..dont want to post pics of my old lude..too painful!

future mods...if i have enough money, in no particular order:

rear windows 15% tint, front 25%
HID AE headlights
M5 front and read bumpers
New wheels
Dinan CAI, Throttle body, MAF, and engine software
Remus exhaust

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