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OK, let's analyze, while I'm sure every G35 owner can look at the #1 on the BOTTOM and feel they "won", but what did they really win?

In the Performance section:
5--First Places
2--Fifth Places (both Braking, although it won for third place for Braking in the Subjective Catagory)

2--First Places
4--Second Places
1--TENTH Place (Mpg)

Second Place G35 (193.8)

Now onto the Subjectives (Ready Conspiracy believers?)

5--First Places
4--Second Places
1--Third Place (Brakes ranked better than the G35?)
1--Fifth Place (Interior? what a joke!)
1--Tenth Place (Luggage Space)

1--First Place
4--Second Places (Interior??? what a joke!)
2--Third Places
2--Fifth Places
1--Sixth Place (BRAKES)
1--Eigth Place (Ergonomics - how the Controls are laid out)
1--Ninth Place (Seats)

Second Place (380)

Now for the Only Section that that the G35 actually Wins: "Price as Tested"
G35: (200)
BMW: (182.3) Seventh Place

So what this is saying is that if PRICE is NO Object, the BMW 330 is by far the best car!

If you (need) to consider Price, then the G35 is the best VALUE...

I don't think ANY BMW owner would be unhappy with the Test/Comparison as it is presented. And G35 owners should also be happy, you saved alot of money and you got a Car that is ALMOST as good as the Original...

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I've posted this on another thread. The as tested G35 in the R&T article is a stripper. Before they start comparing prices, the options on both cars should be the same.
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