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Roadster boot cover install

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I own a 2000 M roadster that came without the boot cover. I purchased a boot cover from a 2002 M roadster thinking they would be the same. I'm not too sure. I cannot figure out how to install the cover. The cover snaps look to be different than the vehicle snaps and I'm not even sure it fits otherwise. I've searched a few forums for info but found nothing definitive. The boot cover is kinda stiff and has a "guide" edge in the middle front. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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I believe they're all the same.

Fold the ends inward, finished side out (furry side in). Put the boot cover against the rear trim where the snaps are, and fasten those snaps. They're pull-to-open. Unfold the ends and attach the snaps by the back of the doors. Then tuck the outside ridge down into the ragtop compartment. The stiffness of the boot cover holds it against the rubber.
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