“James, I’m tired,” you say untying your silky silk tie. “Put up the privacy screen and throw on The Crown. I feel like laughing at people who are poorer than me.”

Or at least that’s how I imagine the conversation is going on at the back of a Roller with the latest privacy screen technology. The new “Privacy Suite Display” is an extension that adds video capability to the screen.


Currently, Rolls-Royce’s Privacy Suite adds a windowpane between passengers and their driver in the Extended Wheelbase Phantom. Seems fair enough, we’ve all seen movies with limos in them. But what about a limo with movies in it?

The “display” part of “privacy suite display” means that the window that rises between you and the lower classes driver can show images and videos.



This is achieved through a series of glass layers. The first of which can be made more opaque and another layer that has (for instance) organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) in it, like your fancy new phone screen.

In the patent images, the screen does look pretty impressive. Instead of having one of those 12-inch screens in front of your nose on the front seat’s headrest, you really do get a movie screen experience.

I guess that makes this (we presume) Phantom the world’s first drive in movie theatre.