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Ron, now that you're posting here regularly I have to ask...

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There's a lot of debate over the clutch "starter kill" button that disables the starter on E46es unless the clutch is depressed all the way. BMW changed the design of that switch in 2001 and late 2001 production models has a design that is difficult to defeat (well, more difficult than the earlier design).

I'm using the UUC Big Boy on my '00 323Ci and it works fine with some minor modification, drilling a hole in the flap that depresses the clutch starter switch and inserting a nut and bolt in there that's long enough to press the button. However I've been getting a lot of questions regarding how to defeat the switch on a later model car, and one of the suggestions that I keep getting was from Blackdawg here that YOUR clutch stop design does not require defeating the starter switch. I have not had experience with your particular clutchstop so I can't make a proper comparison, I was wondering if you had an opportunity to take a look at UUC's design and figure out why your clutch stop does not require modification of the switch? Is it simply that the UUC clutch stop is larger and shortens the clutch travel alot more?

Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA.
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Any link to a write-up to modify that switch?
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