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My uncle's 2008 328xi is having a weird issue. Car starts up fine, idles fine but once you put it in Drive it starts making an odd noise. Sort of like rumbling and there's vibration but it's fairly subtle and there's no change in idle. You can definitely feel and hear it though. When he's driving it's not very noticeable. Move the shifter to neutral park or reverse and it's not the same.

After popping the hood and listening to the engine there isn't a very noticeable difference in the sound of the engine. You only really hear/feel it from inside.

There are no lights on the dash, I scanned it with a bluetooth odbII scanner and found no codes or pending codes. I tried hooking up my laptop to it but couldn't get DIS or INPA to work. Works fine on my E83 X3 but I kept getting the pin 15 message. Inpa showed no ignition even when the car was running. Tried different start modes with no luck. Door was closed, tried to hit the start button with no break.

Any idea what might be the issue?
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