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Car was misfiring last week and had oil in spark plug holes so I changed valve cover gasket, OFHG, ignition coils in cylinder 2 and 3. I do not believe the VCG is leaking, although that is possible. I checked it a few days ago and it didn't appear to be leaking but its hard to see behind it. Yesterday I noticed clear liquid dripping out of bottom of the car, but after smelling it I decided it was most likely water from A/C unit. I took a picture of where I could notice it dripping it from (center of car closer to passenger side). (May or may not be related to the misfires problems I had today but just wanted to include everything I've noticed recently.)

Underside picture of where it was dripping off of a hose.

Now, the car begins shaking after turning on, and it idles rough. After getting up the speed, the car feels much smoother. I took a quick log but didnt want to drive the car with misfires for too long. After parking I also noticed a sulfur smell, which makes sense since I catless downpipes.

Here is a log of the car from start through 4th gear.

Does anything stand out to you in the logs?

I also pulled the following codes from my MHD app:

29CC - Multiple misfires
29CD - Misfire cylinder 1
29CE - Misfire cylinder 2
29CF - Misfire cylinder 3
2FCA - Fuel high pressure
2FDA - Fuel high pressure

My thoughts: It could be the plugs I didn't replace that had a little bit of oil on them, or possibly its leaky injectors? The fuel pressure codes makes me worry a little bit about a lpfp or something of that nature.

Any help is appreciated.
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