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Rough Shifting - Manual Transmission

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Hey everyone! Long time listener, first time caller here. I've read a lot of good material here and never really had a need to have a question answered before, but now I do!

I drove a friend's new 330ci last night and thought the transition between gears was pretty rough. I didn't have any problems with engaging the clutch in any of the gears, but actually moving the shift knob into and out of each gear was pretty clunky. The best way to describe it is almost as if the spindles are off by just a bit and there's a point where you have to almost force it into the gear. I couldn't get a smooth transition at all. It didn't matter whether we were moving or just sitting in the parking lot. When I asked my friend about it he said he just thought the car needed to be broken in a bit and it would probably go away. What do you guys think? I would have expected a very smooth travel between gears. The car has about 500 miles on it.

By the way, once it was in gear the car was very smoooooth! Man, I need to get one of these!

Thanks guys!

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A subtle change in shifting technique can make a big difference...

I've noticed that I if I shift by pushing the gear shift all the way against its gate (for example when i'm shifting from neutral into first and have to move it to the left), its kind of notchy and rough. If i'm slightly more gentle and almost let the shifter do the work it feels like butter. Same thing goes for all the gears. If you try to hard or you're hamfisted, it will feel notchy. I actually kind of like this-- it adds another dimension to the whole experience and its a great feeling when you know've done it correctly and the shifter just slides into gear with a satisfying smooth mechanical feel.
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