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I new to bmws and forums I have a 2006 bmw 330i. And when I bought it dude said it idled fine but no throttle response. When I received the car from the mechanics they didn’t put anything back on. So I put the starter and intake mani on and now the car starts but stalls as soon as it tries to idle. I want to get it running to figure out the throttle issue. So when I put the intake back on I notice that the crankcase vent valve had a wire broken and it’s missing the vacuum line that goes into the oil pan I think. Idk I just need some help figuring this out

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Sounds like "Sketchy" Dude, Car & Mechanics. How'd you get into this "Deal" anyway?o_O :eek:
You either need to (1) spend some TIME learning HOW to use all the really GOOD References that can teach you MUCH MORE than the Sketchy Dude or Mech-niks, or (2) Spend Serious Ca$h at an Independent Shop that knows what it's doing.

If you have ANY DESIRE to learn how to fix and maintain your car yourself, and the TIME to do it, you're in LUCK, as there is virtually EVERYTHING you need available on the Web. See the attached pdf: "E9x References, 210523 Revision", which has links to everything from Bentley Manual Searchable pdf, Parts Catalog, INPA & ISTA Diagnostic Software and ISTA Wiring Diagrams, Repair Operations, etc.

Also attached are two ScreenPrints of Bentley Manual, 130-23, page 276 of the pdf, which show the Breather System, with Oil Separator and associated hoses. Here is a link to the Parts Catalog for your model, that shows the Crankcase Ventilation/ Oil Separator Components & Hoses:

If you have a serious "Vacuum Leak" where "Un-metered" air (air NOT measured by the MAF Sensor at rear of Air Filter Housing) is entering the Intake Manifold, you MAY be able to get it to run (better) if you simply disconnect the Connector to the MAF, so the engine runs on "Mapped" fueling. Otherwise, it is WAAAY too LEAN due to air leak, and just stalls.

IF you're trying to fix issues that have been caused by folks "Putzing" with the car who didn't know what they were doing, you will likely need to Download INPA (Free Download) and install to Windows OS Laptop. You will then have Factory-Level Diagnostics to read Fault Codes in all ~ 20 Control Modules of the Vehicle, Freeze Frame Data, Live Data, and Activations or Triggering. You WILL need Forum help selecting screens to view, and in Translating some of the "Labels" or Technical Terminology from German to English, but DON'T let that scare you off. There's Google Translate, and Forum Help.

For starters, let us know:
1) If you have any Scan Tool (make & model), or Diagnostic Software;
1a) Fault Codes currently present; Engine Module (DME) P-codes are OK for starters;
2) If you have a Windows OS Laptop;
3) If you have a Multimeter;
4) If the engine will run at idle with MAF Sensor connector disconnected; let us know if you need help identifying connector;
5) If you are able to get it started, list all Warning Lights on Instrument Cluster AFTER engine Startup.
6) If it won't start and idle with MAF Sensor Connector Disconnected, try spraying Ether/ Starting Fluid into the duct from MAF Sensor to Throttle Body and see if engine runs for several seconds on ETHER.
7) If you need Procedure for Removing Air Filter Housing to spray ether into air duct, see Bentley pdf Page 98.

Take photos of the hoses attached to the Oil Separator and Intake Manifold, and attach those photos here, along with answers to questions above, and we can suggest Next Steps.


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