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routine maintenance

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Hello, I am a novice DIYer but relatively handy and have a father in law who is very helpful. I am curious as to the routine maintenance I need to complete in the near future. 2004 330Ci, 54000miles, only driven after snow melts (april thru oct) about 7000miles per year. I've changed the oil yearly up to this point, and plan to change the brake fluid, manual tranny fluid, possibly fuel filter, and some cooling components. Do I need to change the whole cooling system or just a few parts that are more prone to failure? Any other thought on what else I need to do? The car runs great at this point and would like to keep it that way for another 10+ years.
thanks scott
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Good Info Scottji, My 2004 330Ci has almost 55000 miles on it. I changed my drive belts during a normal inspection and found the clutch fan was leaking so I changed this and changed the plastic water pump pulley because of stories I read while researching the drive belts. When I hit 60000 miles I will change or upgrade the entire cooling system (no plastic parts). Preventive maintenance is always a good thing and you do it when your car is in your garage, not on the side of the road somewhere far away from home. My only wish is to be able to gain access under the car in my garage, it sits sooo low...:thumbup:
It is simple stuff if you have the tools and the time. My belts and the fan clutch, water pump pulley took about an hour. If you are going to have all that done, may I also suggest having the belt tensioners changed while it is all apart, more preventive maintenance, but it keeps you from having to do it all over again.:dunno:
I agree with you Scott.
I guess I am also a cynic when it comes to people working on my cars and Craigslist as a Master Mechanic? I am not sure, but I can only hope for brentster that he thinks this is a good deal. There is so much information on how to do the jobs correctly here I rather buy the parts and if I require tools buy them too because next time I will have the experience and the tools to do the job and know it was done correctly. If brentster reads a bit more I am sure he will find posts about updating the cooling system here beyond just the expansion tank. Matter of fact you can find vendors selling kits to this advice like ECS who has the water pump, tank, belts and the thermostat in the aluminum housing, and new bleeder screw (brass or otherwise).
This is how I found out about the tensioners, because of someones elses post on changing the belts. When I hit 60000 miles I will overhaul the cooling system and while I have the belts off I'll change the tensioners as well because most of the work to gain access is already done.
I hope it all work out.
Cheers. :beerchug:
No problem brentster we all help each other out here. I saw in an other post this site, if anything else it will give you ideas on products and costs. the water pump I tink I will install is the Stewart. It may cost a few bucks more, but I bet it will last as long as the car. it has a stainless steel impeller and a heavy duty bearing and they state it flows 20% more. they have the Graf for 62 bucks. Anyway enjoy!:thumbup:
Great! this is how we make them last and run like new. I wish I had a lift in my garage, I think I would be under the car alot more.:thumbup:
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