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Rust proofing

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Is there any need to rust proof E9x's? I intend to keep my car a long time. If I do not opt for those rust proofing places to drill holes and such is it ok at least to get the undercarriage sprayed?
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I don't know about Canada, but in the U.S. the cars come with a 12 year corrosion warranty. The worst thing you could do is to start drilling holes in body panels - nothing like breaking the seal that is in place from the factory. As far as protective measures, you could periodically (1x/week in the winter) spray the underside of your car with water to wash off accumulated road salt. At the end of each winter season, have the underside inspected to be sure no road hazard(s) opened up the sealing compound from the factory.
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It is my understanding the 12 year warranty from BMW requires that you take the car in annually for an inspection and reapplication as required. I agree that washing the undercarriage is important but before I get to 12 years and BMW is off the hook I'll start spraying it myself at the 10 year mark.

That's my plan for our 328 XiT daily driver that sits outdoors all year.

If you really want to save the car from rust, don't drive it in the winter and park it in a dry garage. We have a 15 year old sports car that is not winter driven and it has no rust at all. All that you need is an other vehicle which is your inexpensive winter beater. In fact, this might be more practical and cheaper than annual rust proofing.
I can't check the owners manual on the E93 as it had to be surrendered when the car was repurchased. When the 335d arrives, I will check it to be sure, but my recollection was that there was no requirement for annual inspections to keep the 12 year corrosion warranty in effect in the U.S. I also have an R53 MINI with the 12 year corrosion warranty, and I did check that Owners Manual and Warranty books, and there is no requirement for annual inspections.

It may be that the annual inspection requirement is a Canada thing (as in more severe winters)?:dunno:
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