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rx8 testdrive by autoexpress

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Sure got me excited! They didn'thave test equipment but said "it's hard to imagine that the 0-60mph dash took any longer than six seconds". Also, "our drive showed that the handling is on course to match the RX-8's performance". And "the extraordinary Mazda exudes a level of refinement which we believe will match the current favourites from BMW and Audi. Take the Japanese car's price into account and it's clear that this latest sports coupé is going to cause a revolution"

I definitely thought it was the bestlooking car at the NY auto show myself, G35 sedan, coupe and 350Z included. Ok, I'm not considering the out-of-reach's like the GT2 (DAMN FINE!).

There's just something special about this Mazda, maybe because its just so different than all the other cars in the market today and on their way. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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Fire the engine, and you are in for the next treat as the potent unit fizzes into life.

Boy, of I was Mazda that's how I'd like my car described.... :confused:
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