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S4 vs 325ci

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Was heading down 128 southbound yesterday around 1pm, and came up behind an Audi S4. He was stuck behind a truck. The lanes opened up and he zipped around. I followed. He looked in his mirror, saw me - and hit the gas, hard. What happened next surprised me. I expected this car to smoke me - and while he opened up a decent lead initially, my 325 was able to match his acceleration and speed. He never got more than 10 car lengths ahead of me (and, um, we were going a tad fast). After about 3/4 a mile of this, we both backed off. Traffic was very light, and wide open in the section we were on. So, it was a brief straight line sprint. I pulled up next to the guy and he just looked over at me, looking frustrated.

But I always shake my head when people post the 325 vs 330 threads and ***** about the 325 "being lame", etc, etc, etc. I don't care what anyone says - above 3500, this car screams.

Either that, or I'm just kidding myself about the S4 :D
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in_d_haus said:
An S4 should be able to out run a 325 though it is not an "F-16 on wheels". It's about the same as a 330 with softer suspension and bad brakes. We have 2 instructors that jumped from bimmers to the S4. The first thing they dropped was the crappy brakes and then modded the suspension. A good driver in a 330 can keep right with them.

I have to agree with Geomax, the 325 IS a very underrated car. I know Vince and I discussed this when I was in Cali. and he agreed. A good driver in a 325 will suprise you.

My .02,
I have to disagree Haus... You gotta remember that an S4 outperforms an E36 M3. Sure, I agree that it may not handle as well as an E36 M3, but the S4 does outperform it. So, I find it hard to believe that a 330 will keep up with it...

I agree with you on the whole 325 thing. :thumb: I usually take mine on trips to the Keys and I'm always pleased with its performance. :D
in_d_haus said:

Ya think Alex? My experience with the S4 is only on a track with a 1/2 mile straight and a bunch of corners. Maybe on a freeway it would be a cruise missle. I can keep up with them through the twisties but they walk on me out of the last turn and through the straight... THAT'S why I'm getting the M! They won't do that again! :D :thumb:
Well, at least not until the new S4 comes out... :yikes: Let's hope our machines don't get outperformed this time around... :thumb:
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